Why you need the best shopping cart cover of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year.  From start to finish and now with the pandemic all of us parents have taken our safety precautions to the next level.  We all have to eat and we all have to shop, and we can not let our children stay at home alone without supervision. So when a babysitter or other parent is not available, the only option is to bring them along.

We have all seen a shopping cart, but do you know how many times it gets touched in an 8 hour day?  How many germs sit on shopping carts waiting for you to come touch them and lay your child in the seat?  A LOT!  A study by Utah University shows that most shopping carts  have flu-like viruses and that they can all survive on hard surfaces, like shopping carts.  Utah Study

This isn’t to scare you!  We just want to inform you of what is going on in this world and even with all of the cleaning and hand washing we can all do some extra to keep the spread of viruses down. 

Babies love touching things and then putting their hands into their mouths.  We all know this as we chase them around the house to prevent them from eating things they aren't supposed to.  With a Chilly Child poncho, it can double as a shopping cart cover!  You won't have to worry about those dirty shopping carts, or who was using them before you. 

Our Chilly Child Ponchos are the one of the best ways to protect not only yourself but your child when shopping in the grocery store.  When you put on a Chilly Child it can double as a shopping cart cover.  Helping cover up all the dirty places a child will try and touch and help you keep clean by keeping your hands on the cover and not on the handle bars. 

If you needed another reason besides cleanliness.  Shopping cart covers can also help with your babies posture and comfort while sitting in the cart! They help by adding extra support to all sides of your baby! 

Lastly,  we all know babies love bringing things with them.  Toys, bottles, binkies, and more.  We do not want those items ever touching a dirty shopping cart.  When you use a poncho that covers the whole seat they can safely keep their toys and accessories next to them in the cart using their poncho as a way to keep things away from the cart and close at hand. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in keeping you and your child safe and comfy!  Then click on our shop button and browse our selection of colors and styles!  There is no better time to get one than now with winter fastly approaching!

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