toddler car seat poncho

Let's talk about car seat ponchos and how amazing they are.  Never heard of one?  Well you’re in the right place!  Sit back, drink some coffee and get ready to learn about all the awesome features and why YOU need a car seat poncho for your baby today!

Winter is right around the corner.  With our fleece lined ponchos these will keep your baby warm day in and day out.  Through playtime and going grocery shopping.  Your little one will never be cold and they are cozy and comfy to boot!

Sizing,  don't you hate it when you buy the most adorable outfit and within one season your little one has completely outgrown it?  It’s the worst!  Our baby ponchos are always created slightly on the larger side to ensure they last you more than one season!

The speed and safety of a poncho is next to none!  No zippers and no buttons mean you can NEVER accidentally zipper your little ones skin.  The extra padding and thickness of the poncho not only keeps them snug and warm, but it helps them to be more secure within their car seat, no wiggle room!  Not only is it safe, but they are extremely quick to deploy!  With a head hole and nothing more, you simply get your little one and throw the poncho right over their heads and bam!  They are ready to go and leave the house!  No fussing with zippers and buttons. 

All of our Chilly Child ponchos are unique and created with love in the good ole USA!  Our fleece lined ponchos have unique patterns that your little one will love to show off and even better, they are reversible!  If it gets messy on one side because of juice, food, or other things, no worries!  Just flip it inside out and you’re good to keep going on your day!

When you buy from us you’re buying from a local mommy made USA company!  We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality poncho to you and your little one!  I know you’re ready to take the next step!  Click on the shop icon and take a look at our selection!  As winter approaches we are selling more and more everyday.  Don’t miss out and get yours today! 

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