Best baby car seat poncho of 2020

Children's ponchos are becoming all the rage in 2020.  Many families are realizing how useful and quick they can be. With all of the options out there let's talk about why Chilly Child is the best baby car seat poncho in 2020.  Here are the top 5 reasons to get your child a Chilly Child this year!

Firstly, our baby ponchos are SUPER comfy.  We only use high quality fabric for our ponchos!  As moms and dads, we all know how fussy babies can be and they don't have words like you or I to tell us what is on their mind or what is bothering them.  Lots of baby clothes are built cheaply with cheap material that can cause irritation to your baby's skin.  As you are trying to figure out if they are hungry, sleepy, or just want to be held, you may not be thinking about a piece of fabric that is causing discomfort to your child.  Well no more itchy fabric that bothers your sweet baby while he or she is in their car seat.  You’ll never have to wonder if it's the material while wearing our hooded baby ponchos unlike fleece lined children's ponchos.

Secondly, Sizing.  Nothing is more infuriating when you buy an adorable outfit and not 2 weeks later they have grown out of it.  Our ponchos are made baggy and stretchy to ensure they last you for more than one season!

Let's talk about the hassle of buttons and zippers for a second.  When trying to dress your child, some clothing items that look simple can be as difficult as solving a rubiks cube. Trying to fasten buttons and snaps while they are squirming and trying to run away from you is not a fun task.  We make it easy for you and your baby!  NO zippers and NO buttons.  Just simply slide it over their head and plop them in the car seat, stroller, or baby carrier  for a peaceful and cozy adventure! 

With other poncho companies you are buying a single poncho.  Not ours!  All of our ponchos are reversible and ready for multiple outfits and styles! 

Got juice on one side?  Flip it over!
Need a pattern or solid?  Flip it over!
Ready to give your child some freedom?  Have them pick which side they want! 

You are not buying just one poncho, you’re buying two functional pieces that help keep your baby safe and warm! 

Lastly,  Chilly Child is manufactured in the USA!  What better way to show your love for your country and your child than buying from a local source.  Each Chilly Child is hand made in San Diego, California.

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